Boyden Report Series

Decoding Tech Trends and Leadership in the Digital Age

Technology Report 2024: Analyzing markets, studies, and trends reshaping business with expert insights from Boyden's Global Technology Practice Members

Decoding Digital Transformation

Cybersecurity: CISO in the Spotlight

“The role of chief information security officer has risen in strategic importance more than any other role in the last decade and is often involved in all levels of business planning and strategic decision-making. Every CISO should be part of the top executive team and if the CISO sits on the management board their effectiveness is much higher. The most effective CISO is someone with a risk or compliance background. This is a pivotal role today and identifying and recruiting the right expertise requires a forensic knowledge and understanding of the talent pool and how it is evolving.”

Andreas Landgrebe
Managing Partner, Austria, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia
Global Sector Leader, Digital Transformation Leadership



A New Symbiosis for Fintechs and Banks

“Banks and fintech’s have moved from competing into a partnership relationship. This collaboration is opening new opportunities for the benefit of both, integrating cost-effective solutions into existing infrastructures, making financial services more affordable and attractive, thus more inclusive.”

Lourdes Lopez
Partner, Spain
Global Sector Leader, Fintech



Managing Change and Disruption in Digital Transformation

“Digital transformation should be treated as a journey, not a project.  This means that while leaders must start with a clear vision for the future, they need to also demonstrate focus and stamina to stay the course, agility to adapt to changing circumstances, and bravery to be authentic and transparent with their teams about the risks and the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Paul Dennis
Partner, U.S.



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