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Decoding Tech Trends and Leadership in the Digital Age

Technology Report 2024: Analyzing markets, studies, and trends reshaping business with expert insights from Boyden's Global Technology Practice Members

Exploring AI's Impact

Generative AI’s Ubiquitous Adoption and Integration into SaaS Offering

"Generative AI is revolutionizing the SaaS sector by making applications more efficient, innovative, and personalized. This integration is transforming SaaS from a supplementary tool to a mission-critical asset, enabling advanced analytics and predictive modelling. The rapid adoption of AI underscores the need for skilled talent to fully leverage its potential, marking an exhilarating era for the industry. As AI continues to evolve, it will redefine business operations and customer experiences, driving unprecedented growth and transformation."

John McCrea
Managing Partner, United States
Global Sector Leader, AI, Cloud & Software

Global AI SaaS Market by Geography (USD Billion)

Global AI SaaS Market by Geography (USD Billion)



AI’s Disruption of the Semi-Conductor Market

“Media reports fail to recognise what we see on the ground, which is the semiconductor industry ushering in a new era of global talent mobility, and global talent tracking. There are a huge number of engineers from East and Southeast Asia working in fabs in the US, Europe and even Japan. Regions across the world are competing for talent in the race to mass manufacture semiconductors. Asia is not only a powerhouse for semiconductors, but the biggest source of talent worldwide. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is revolutionising tech culture, disrupting hierarchies, need-to-know and strategic planning. This industry has a lot to teach the world.”

Riemer Ike Fokkema
Partner, Netherlands



AI Presents Profound and Unresolved Ethical and Intellectual Property Challenges

"With more advanced technologies like quantum computing becoming available soon, AI is expected to develop – literally with the speed of light. It presents itself with challenging ethical issues related to IP, privacy, (fake) news and even warfare. Legal frameworks are patchy, this implies that the boundaries are primarily relying on self and peer regulation with AI driven tools. This may sound daunting, yet is an unavoidable reality to which we all must adapt - sooner rather than later."

Bert Pilon
Global Sector Leader, Semiconductor, Infrastructure & Embedded Hardware
Partner, Netherlands


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