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FinTech Trends Report: PE/VC

Perspectives from Boyden’s FinTech Experts 

By Paul Dennis, Dr. Dirk Friederich, Joost Goudsmit, Kare Hernandez, Bryan Ignozzi, Petter Kleppe, Lourdes Lopez, Sandra Mejia, Anita Pouplard, Nessrine Salah, Rick Wargo

In the dynamic realm of fintech, where innovation converges with financial discipline, the quest for top-tier executive talent has become paramount. This pursuit takes on added significance when viewed through the lens of private equity and venture capital, where strategic investments shape the future of the industry. As the fintech landscape evolves, organisations face the formidable challenge of balancing visionary leadership with the imperative of sustainable growth and profitability.

In our exclusive conversation with seasoned executive recruitment experts, infused with a PE/VC perspective, we delve deep into the strategic considerations shaping the recruitment landscape. From the emergence of generative AI to the nuances of open banking and real-time payments, each insight offers a glimpse into the intricate interplay between innovation and financial acumen.

"As industry insiders, we're committed to navigating the evolving landscape of PE/VC into fintech executive recruitment with precision and insight. Our perspectives are informed by extensive experience, client conversations, and the latest research* findings " - Kare Hernandez (U.S.)

In conversation with Boyden's Global FinTech Practice Leader, Lourdes Lopez (Spain), we present diverse insights from Boyden’s FinTech experts across the globe:

*Data points derived from PitchBook Data Inc's Q1 2024 Report, Fintech: State of the Industry

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