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Latin America Regional Analysis: Strengthening the human-centric core of Industry 5.0

How can organisations thrive in a complex world of risk?


Respondents in Latin America provide us with the most distinctive regional findings. There is a stronger focus on climate change, ESG initiatives, sustainability and DEI progress, risk/legal/compliance skills and nationalistic legislative policies.

There is also a stronger global outlook; respondents expect to hire more globally-focused executives, they value a global or multicultural perspective among leaders, and are more keen to enter new markets and secure regional and international expansion.

Industry 5.0 is being driven more by innovation than people, although the focus on people among tech respondents suggests that the human element is almost ‘built-in,’ as organizations look to tech companies to secure growth through innovation and digital advances. With human capital their top growth driver, tech companies will be the most active in hiring, and competing for the right talent will drive structural change. The most valuable soft skill in this sector is attracting or retaining talent.

With such high levels of confidence and robust investment in talent, leaders will strive to deliver on global aspirations and high expectations in a tough global environment. Indications are that they will do this with a strong focus on climate change and strategic approaches to ESG imperatives. Business leaders in Latin America have faced some of the most difficult periods of economic and currency volatility; they will stand up to tests of their confidence, experience and resilience.


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