Case Study

Navigating Challenges: Achieving Success through Strategic Coaching

In a bustling religious institution, the need to enhance the newly appointed Executive Director's performance sparked a journey of transformative leadership coaching for lasting success.

By Rosalind Franklin

The Client

Our client, a religious institution serving a vibrant community, recently engaged one of our US offices to assist in hiring an Executive Director. Despite the candidate's extensive experience, concerns arose regarding their performance, prompting the need for intervention to ensure their success in the role.

The Challenge

Boyden was tasked with providing Executive Coach services to assess the candidate's potential for success and address underlying issues affecting their relationship with the Board and staff. The objective was to foster positive relationships and enhance the candidate's leadership capabilities to secure their continued success in the position.

The Solution

Through collaborative efforts with the client and Boyden managing partners, a comprehensive coaching strategy was devised. This strategy aimed to empower the Executive Director to lead effectively, relieve the Board of certain responsibilities, and foster positive relationships with staff and stakeholders. Key components of the engagement included:

  1. Conducting Discovery Interviews: Extensive interviews were conducted with Board members and the President to gain profound insights into organizational dynamics, challenges, and expectations. These discussions provided invaluable perspectives that informed the coaching approach and strategies for enhancing leadership effectiveness.
  2. Assessing Coachability: Rigorous assessments were conducted to evaluate the Executive Director's coachability and identify areas for improvement. Through comprehensive evaluations, strengths and growth opportunities were pinpointed, guiding the development of tailored coaching interventions.
  3. Facilitating Coaching Sessions: Over the course of the engagement, a series of eight Executive Coaching sessions were expertly facilitated. These sessions provided a structured platform for the Executive Director to explore challenges, set goals, and develop actionable strategies for personal and professional growth.
  4. Providing Tools and Resources: In addition to coaching sessions, Boyden equipped the Executive Director with a toolkit tailored to their specific needs. These resources encompassed a range of tools and strategies aimed at enhancing project management, time management, interpersonal skills, and leadership capabilities. From communication techniques to conflict resolution frameworks, these resources empowered the Executive Director to navigate challenges with confidence and agility.

The Result

The tangible impact of the coaching engagement quickly became apparent, with significant improvements observed in the Executive Director's performance and leadership effectiveness. Recognizing the value of ongoing support, the institution extended the contract, highlighting the importance of continuous coaching to reinforce positive behaviors and drive sustained success within the organization, ultimately enriching the community they serve and fostering long-term organizational resilience.

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