The final installment of our series on the transforming Chief Human Resources Officer role focuses on the challenges of organizational diversity.


Organizations are changing, and with that change we are beginning to see fundamental shifts in how companies work to attract and retain talent. As organizations adjust to meet a future shaped by technological advances, changing workforces and globalization, the human resources profession too will change.

Over the three parts of this report, we have examined how HR executives and decision makers perceive key themes that have the potential to disrupt their profession – namely AI and technology, the CHRO role in the C-Suite and board, and in this last installment, diversity. As outlined, there is some consensus among HR executives with regard to how the profession is changing, but these perceptions vary based on a number of variables, including age, region, industry, and company size.

We hope that this report proves useful to organizations as they continue to navigate changes in both the workplace and the workforce and align the HR function with these changes.

“Both diversity of skills and diversity of background are critical when it comes to developing a well-rounded workforce.”
Jörg Kasten, Chairman, Boyden World Corporation, and Managing Partner, Boyden Germany

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