Boyden's Nick Robeson answers some of most commonly asked questions when working with an executive search firm.

By Nick Robeson
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One of the most commonly asked questions I'm asked is; 'what can I expect when working with an Executive Search firm?'

Beyond finding hidden talent and placing senior leaders in high-profile organisations, we offer a broad range of valuable services such as advisory and benchmarking.

Executive Search has changed in the last decade to respond to the growing needs of our clients, and because of these changes, it has become more rewarding to both parties.

The greatest change is the recognition of our sectors capability in Leadership Consulting. At Boyden, we use our proprietary Boyden Leadership Model (BLM). The BLM model works in concert with our leadership advisory services in executive search, leadership assessment, on-boarding, board and committee nominations, board performance, leadership development, succession planning, and managing internal promotions using an external lens. A lens that has been focused on nothing but identifying the very best talent for nearly 80 years!

Our differentiator is our ability to connect local and regional knowledge with global insights gained through more than 65 offices in over 40 countries. With our ears to the ground, we are always tuned in to how markets are shifting and what impact that has on an organisations capability to maintain high performance and attract top talent.

Clients work with us because we are a committed partner; we take it personally. We work in a high-touch, highly relationship-based industry. Working with us, our clients trust us to use everything in our toolbox to inspect, research and interrogate the market to deliver world-class leaders, either by strengthening the ability of the leaders they have or by identifying the external resource needed to enhance their teams.

How we help

Market intelligence
By understanding how your organisation operates, the structure and culture, we gain a greater insight into how we can tailor our processes and expertise to meet your needs. We start this process with a confidential research project in which we gather market intelligence on both your company and your competitors. We offer this service as a stand-alone piece or the initial and crucial phase in a more extensive executive search assignment to identify the best candidates.

Depending on the scope of your brief, we will undertake a detailed benchmarking of similar roles and salaries across your and adjacent sectors. Benchmarking involves using the AI to accumulate data from multiple sources before our research team humanises the data.

Role Development
It is still common for organisations to look at the current role and terms of reference around it as the baseline for a job description. We see this part of the process as an opportunity to re-scope the role. Offering this critical advice is an essential part of our role as a partner. Given what we do day in day out, we are so well placed to play devil's advocate with our clients and to challenge them objectively about what they are seeking from the marketplace.

What can I expect from my chosen firm?

A trusted partner
Your partner will be able to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of your organisation, your business departments, products and services, corporate strategies, culture and outlook. They will understand the competitive forces that you face and the type of talent that would give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Work with you to advise not just on your search but broader human capital solutions for your business.

Absolute honesty
Radical honesty and transparency from start to finish. Ensuring you understand the process and how it works. A high-quality relationship with any client should start with honesty; it is a two-way street building a trusting relationship.

Radical Candor
Growth takes courage and challenging conversations about how to achieve that are important. Opportunity and growth come from not only understanding but being able to advise on matters that affect or compromise you building the best team.

When is the right time to engage an executive search firm?

We strongly believe that the best results happen when the relationship is ongoing, and we have the opportunity to embed into your business.

Thanks to our leadership advisory and market intelligence tools we have and can deliver results quickly in new partnerships.

If you'd like to understand more about how to engage with an executive search firm, please get in touch.

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