Boyden Leadership Framework (BLF)

The Framework works in concert with our leadership advisory services in executive search, leadership assessment, on-boarding, board and committee nominations, board performance, leadership development, succession planning, and internal promotions.

What Is the Boyden Leadership Framework?

The Boyden Leadership Framework (BLF) is the result of Boyden’s innovations in leadership advisory: a synthesis of academic investment and client collaboration. It combines meta-analysis on strategic leadership with expertise in talent advisory and business psychology.

BLF provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of nine core leadership competencies grouped into three areas of intelligence:

The evaluation of ‘self-leadership’ is a key differentiator of BLF.

We are constantly dealing with disruption. So the priority now is to disrupt ourselves.

This is something we hear from CEOs on a daily basis.

As executives increasingly need to ‘disrupt themselves’ and adapt to a changing commercial environment, astute self-leadership and management of one’s own impact on the organisation, its people and its reputation is critical.

Furthermore, BLF assesses for ‘over-the-top performance,’ where extreme leadership behaviours could be harmful to the organisation. In leading the organisation, its people, and yourself, the risk of a leader falling foul of their own foibles is forensically investigated.

The nine competencies are scored through expert evaluation to produce one overall score, which is an individual’s leadership quotient. We call this the Boyden LQ. This enables an organisation to synthesise technical skills, so-called soft skills, and leadership capabilities in one consistent scoring system.          

What issues can BLF help with?

Our clients typically come to us for guidance on concerns such as these:

BLF Accredited Partners

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