Executive Brief

Executive Director
Canadian University Council of Chief Information Officers

August 2022

Candidate Profile

Priority Criteria

Experience: A demonstrated track record of providing strategic, senior leadership on behalf of an organization with multiple stakeholders.

The leadership experience could have been gained as:

Knowledge: Understands at a high level, the key issues facing the university CIO community, including those related to digital strategies supporting teaching, research and administration including but not limited to digital infrastructure, cyber security, and IT delivery models.

Management/Organizational/Financial Acumen:  Solid administrative and financial management skills with a track record of running an organization in an efficient and effective manner ensuring accountability. Has an excellent understanding of general business concepts including annual budgeting and financial reporting requirements. Effectively applies general business knowledge to the issues faced in the organization and proactively supports the organization as it grows from an impact perspective.

Interpersonal, Relationship and Influencing Skills:  Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships, both internally and externally. Ability to manage a broad, diverse set of relationships with a range of stakeholders including government, members, and partners. Strong, fair, consistent and influential.

Leadership:  Ability to work as the leader of a small and volunteer board with projects and initiatives delivered through a large diverse volunteer community of experts.  Brings a pan-Canadian and global perspective to all discussions and activities.    Leads by example and brings together teams of volunteers with values of collaboration and openness to new ideas. Comfortable in a small, hands-on environment.

Politically Astute:  Politically savvy; can effectively read organizational and human dynamics. Sensitive to the various, and sometimes competing, priorities of the various partners and stakeholders including governments and the public sector.  Appreciates the complexities of the sector and the supporting IT ecosystem. 

Communications (Internal and  External)  Savvy:  Able to represent the organization and its mission with external parties. An effective communicator who is able to enhance CUCCIO’s work in informing, educating and responding.  Able to deliver key and complex messages to any audience in presentations, media interviews or other external forums. Combines excellent oral skills with equally strong written skills. Proficiency in French will be considered an asset.

Strategic:  A strategic and creative thinker who maintains a focus on the nature and long-term evolution of the role of CUCCIO and is able to devise strategies that will ensure it can meet its mandate now and in the future. Able to identify opportunities and anticipate challenges.

Board of Directors:  Highly capable in the realm of effective governance practices and supporting a Board in fulfilling its governance responsibilities. Leverages the talents of the Board, and is comfortable setting the pace and leading from the front, ensuring the full support of the Board along the way.

Style:  Ethical with a strong work ethic.  Collaborative and considerate of others. Transparent, engaging, approachable, diplomatic, open and collaborative. Enjoys work.

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