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Digital is a strategic priority for every business sector. Hiring the right CDO is a major competitive advantage.

With the predominance of social media, mobile apps and the cloud, digital technology enables a more targeted approach to marketing, more scientific decision-making, and new types of customer relationships.

The opportunities for competitive differentiation are unprecedented – but so are the challenges. Businesses need to attract the right talent and incorporate it strategically to support multi-platform initiatives.

ROI depends on programs that differentiate a brand and win customers, as well as create experiences and recruit influencers. As influence has shifted from experts and brands to people whose opinions are valued in the digital space, consumers engage on a more personal level. This requires immersive content that draws the customer in and closes the sale.

Lines between the marketing and IT functions have blurred to near convergence, making collaboration and consensus integral to achieving organisational goals. Facilitating communication and managing every aspect of the company’s digital landscape depends on the right kind of leadership.

The CDO blueprint

In all sectors, CDOs have taken on pivotal roles, often working directly with the CEO to influence strategy and operations. Technical proficiency in emerging technologies is only a starting point.

Today’s digital officer must have the ability to inspire teams and make digital media part of an organisation’s culture, propelling it to the top of the leadership agenda. Characteristics driving success include the ability to:

Our digital team has the expertise and resources to meet clients’ rapidly evolving demands. We have a consistent track record of success and long-term relationships in the digital media space worldwide. These position us to recruit world-class talent, whether a business-savvy CDO or a specialist in any of the senior management roles supporting this increasingly crucial function.

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