Family Businesses

A family business is unique in many ways. It is generally the case that something remarkable has been created, and the business has become a focal point of the family. Challenges are faced jointly along the lines of familial relations. Such challenges are often resolved, but there can be tremendous difficulty in separating rational and emotional matters and taking the right business decisions.

The goal is to ensure the continuity of the company as well as maintain harmony within the family. In all cases, it is essential to assess and act as objectively as possible. Expert advice from an impartial third party can be an invaluable asset.

Boyden has supported a number of family businesses on management succession, when appropriate and necessary to guarantee the future of the business. We understand the business side of entrepreneurship as well as the interests and emotions that come into play. In order to achieve the best possible outcomes, we draw on a vast network of trusted resources, engaging qualified accountants, corporate finance advisors, banks and private equity investors.

Dialoguez avec un expert

Chez Boyden, les associés ont une expérience accrue et un accès à l'industrie qui leur permet des résultats exceptionnels. Ce sont des experts en recherche de cadres, des conseillers de haut niveau et des mentors dévoués.

Perspectives à lire

Nous partageons nos connaissances pratiques dans divers rapports, interviews et blogs. Si l'un des sujets traités vous intéresse, contacter un associé Boyden ou le bureau régional.

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