Succession Planning

We help you by identifying a pool of successors and develop a succession plan to guarantee your organization’s long term sustainability.

How often do you hear how hard it is to change leadership? Don’t let succession be the last item on your agenda. Developing successors takes time and effort and anticipation is the key.

Our solutions are twofold: they focus on developing a pool of successors (leaders that are prepared to succeed at any given time) and they identify the most appropriate candidates for a given role or position in your organization. We see succession planning as an opportunity for development at both individual and organizational levels.

Why Boyden

ExecutiveCoaching Asessment and profiling methodologies based on our Boyden Leadership Framework
AnalyticsIcon Psychometric and business relationship tests designed to identify diversity of profiles in the organization’s life cycle
LeadershipIcon In-house leadership senior experts with deep knowledge of the market (leveraged by executive search insights and global presence)


Other Services

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