Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things reveals the astonishing opportunities for businesses, consumers and executives in a digitally integrated world.

Large industrial, consumer and healthcare companies are becoming digital enterprises alongside venture-backed start-ups and other new competitors. Business leaders need to recruit, integrate and retain top-flight software development talent, overtly repositioning the business for the digital era.

As complex offerings become more important to the business we help clients to evolve their thinking on technology and sales talent, upgrading both areas, together with risk management and cyber-security planning. The approach, hiring process and offer negotiations are highly sensitive and require specific experience in this field.

Overall, success in the Internet of Things depends on hiring the right people and integrating a lot of skills from diverse disciplines. We have a long track record in making marquee hires across all industries and geographies. Our team can assess a leader’s competencies in this fast-evolving landscape and their ability to drive transformation in the right way, at the right pace and with the right team alongside them.  

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