Exploring Global Insights from Australia, the U.K., and Canada
Perspectives from Boyden's Higher Education Practice Experts

By Brent Cameron, Jessa Chupik, Alun Parry, Nick Robeson

As the grip of COVID-19 continues to impact us globally, Boyden is tapping into the deep knowledge base of our collective partners to bring industry insights and prescriptive learnings to the forefront.

In this issue of Resilient Leadership, Boyden shares the expert opinions of Social Impact and Education Practice leaders from across the globe: Alun Parry (Australia), Brent Cameron (Canada), and Nick Robeson (Ireland & United Kingdom). 

In conversation with Boyden Canada's Education Leader, Jessa Chupik, the discussion explores the immediate crisis impacts on higher education institutions, the demand for digital, anticipated long-term COVID-19 legacies, and how this translates into transformations within leadership. 

About the Authors
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