Boyden Executive Search

Social Impact

Our clients in Government, Education, Health Care Delivery, and the Not-for-Profit sectors value our deep expertise, collaborative engagement, and rigourous approach to finding talented executives.

Organizations that make a positive impact on society instead of a profitable bottom line are no less businesslike than any other type of business, corporation or partnership. In fact they share many similarities – but rather than providing returns to shareholders, they provide support to stakeholders. Another important difference is that these organizations often require different kinds of leadership, which in turn requires a different kind of executive search.

Boyden’s process with not-for-profit, public sector and education clients begins with extensive consultations with stakeholders to determine exactly what kind of leader is best suited to achieve their particular objectives. The nature of working with these clients is such that extensive, ongoing contact with stakeholders is required to assess prospective candidates and identify a suitable fit and legitimacy within the organization.

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