By Doug Ehrenkranz
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At the beginning of every year, I publish a review of relevant trends in several sectors.  They are relevant because these 2016 trends will impact my recruiting practice, the types of positions for which our clients are recruiting, and the skill sets they are looking for in candidates.  And no matter what you do, they are trends that are impacting your company, your customers, and your life.

This first of two 2016 trends summaries is a bit of a grab-bag, but I think it will be helpful in calling out the obvious—or possibly giving you new insight or perspective.  In every case, these trends and sub-trends are changing what companies are doing on several fronts. 

2016 Trends in Six Categories 

Privacy as a Priority

Mobile Moving Fast

Safety First

“In Relationships We Trust”

What is “natural”?

Would you like that burnt or charred?

[* Sources include, The Hartman Group, and SmartBrief.]

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