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Boyden Brazil invites selected CEO's to Energy discussion – Q3 2009 15 CEO's of large multinationals attended.
By John Murray

Boyden sponsored a breakfast meeting to selected CEO’s of large multinational companies with operations in Brazil for a special presentation. The theme of this CEO discussion session was ’Energy - Challenges after the Crisis’. John Murray presented the opening remarks where he commented that: ’if necessity is the mother of invention, then the energy sector in Brazil has got to be a very special example of opportunities that are built out of necessity.’ Leaders, he said, need to see it coming and for this reason, the presentation was designed to stimulate thinking about how we can profit from the changes that are coming in the energy sector. The discussion that followed indicated that the opportunities are vast and broad based from oil and gas to ethanol and bio fuels to technological innovations of varied sorts. The guest speakers were Francisco Itzaina, Rolls-Royce Regional Director South America, and Richard Taylor, CEO Taylor Energies, former President British Petroleum in Brazil and Director of the International Business Academy for Development.

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