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North America Regional Analysis: Exploring adaptivity through strategy and talent

Today’s complex landscape demands adaptive, empathetic leaders, who accelerate decision-making to navigate opportunity and mitigate risk.

Business leaders in the United States and Canada are facing an economic slowdown, leading through volatility and a global outlook impeded by inflation, the on-going conflict in Ukraine and downturns in key markets, particularly Europe and China.

Executives at all levels are maintaining a keen focus on people, in terms of human capital and customer expectations, leveraging skills in human resources, innovation and sustainability. CEOs are seeing vulnerability in the workforce with concerns around employee burnout, weak leadership teams and succession planning; rising business costs spur a careful balance between employee costs and investing in human capital.

Leadership visibility is mission-critical to boost motivation and drive change, as well as preserving brand values and company culture. By giving teams greater insight into organizational strategy, they become more comfortable with strategic flexibility; they embrace more agile decision-making and empathy towards customers and each other. Through these closer connections, organizations can develop new strengths in adaptability.

Specific to respondents across North America, this regional report is based on data from our 2023 global report, Exploring Adaptivity Through Strategy and TalentHighlighting findings and trends in North America, our research reveals a cohesive narrative around adaptive leadership, rapid change, digital transformation, strategic flexibility and agile decision-making. Additional insights from Boyden industry experts across the region help form a nuanced picture of the North American leadership and executive talent landscape. 

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