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Talent Mapping

Before you finalise your growth plans, what about the talent? You have identified new opportunities and new markets, but is the right talent there to deliver results?

Whether you are looking at expanding into new markets, developing new products, or analysing your competition, you need a full picture of the landscape – specifically the talent landscape.

Demographic and social change means that new talent pools are emerging, opening up new markets and new skill sets. Digital capabilities in robotics, automation and AI are changing the face of global business, customer relationships and consumer experiences. How can you fully understand the people your business needs, the talent firing up your competitors, and what new talent pools look like?

As the global economy changes shape, what does talent look like in second-tier cities in China? What leadership talent could be emerging in the globalised economy of Vietnam

We like questions, but we like answers more. We find answers in every region of the world through our own exceptional talent landscape at Boyden, with more than 65 offices in over 40 countries.

Talent Mapping is a solution provided Boyden professionals across the globe. Contact an appropriate Boyden professional to learn more.

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