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Globalisation. Regionalisation. Digital transformation. How do organisations meet these pressures? Do they have the leadership skills in place to strategically address the challenges and opportunities?

Attracting and retaining leadership talent that will achieve success is the goal of every organisation. The challenge is to recognise those defining, often elusive qualities which will lead to success in a given role within an organisation, now and in the long term. The decisions involved are critical.

"The great variable is the quality of management. It determines why some companies fail and others succeed."

Sidney M. Boyden, founder

Past achievements can be useful indicators of future performance. They can also be unreliable. Corporate history is full of examples and unanswered questions. Why does a CEO who increased revenues at a manufacturing firm struggle to gain momentum in a B2C construction company? Why does an executive excel in one manufacturing organisation, only to underachieve in the next?

There are no easy answers. The process of decoding a combination of personality, adaptability, corporate culture, business models and other variables is highly nuanced. It requires a keen discernment of both quantitative, “hard” qualities, such as skills and experience, and less tangible “soft” qualities, for example an entrepreneurial mind-set or ability to inspire others.

Organisations need tools, techniques and guidance to navigate the factors that impact a leader’s potential for success. At Boyden, this is a major focus. We provide solutions that enable clients to attract, evaluate and develop successful leaders and teams. These include advanced, behavioural science-based leadership assessment, talent mapping and coaching, as well as on-boarding and integration support for new hires.