The Institute of Food Technologists

Since 1939, the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) has been advancing the science of food and its application across the global food system by creating a dynamic forum where individuals from more than 90 countries can collaborate, learn, and grow, transforming scientific knowledge into innovative solutions for the benefit of people around the world.

IFT helps highlight the impact and important societal contributions made by professionals involved the science of food, and attract the brightest minds to the profession from related disciplines. And helps support the contribution of evidence-based science to the public dialogue on food issues.

Through forums such as the world’s largest annual food science event, publications such as Food Technology magazine, and other unique resources, IFT enables its members to enhance their knowledge and expand their professional connections, both domestically and abroad.

As one of world’s premiere leadership solutions and talent advisory firms, Boyden Partners across US are proud members of IFT. We are committed to excellence in leadership and proud to support IFT's mission. Together, we are creating a world where science and innovation are universally viewed as essential to a safe, nutritious, and sustainable food supply for everyone. As a scientific society with vision, IFT is feeding the minds that feed the world.

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