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Convergence creates new opportunities and the need for change, while globalisation and deregulation create new challenges

Communications continues to be one of the most competitive technology sectors.

Price competition is pushing operators to pursue more complex customer retention models as they strive to stay ahead of the technology curve and deliver new products and services ahead of demand. While capital investments remain high, opportunities in big data and M2M technologies are shifting the focus on revenue away from voice towards data.

Thriving in this environment requires leaders with the vision and agility to reposition the brand to enter new markets, stimulate revenue growth and deliver priorities such as:

The marketing function is a key competitive advantage. Operators leveraging the analytical strengths of their marketing organisations can differentiate themselves with ancillary services, and create more complex segmentation, positioning and pricing strategies.

We help a broad spectrum of clients to capitalise on industry trends, recruiting leaders from across the global telecoms and media sectors. We focus on C-suite roles, including leaders in technology, finance, supply chain, investor relations, human resources, marketing and strategy, as well as sales and other commercial roles, customer services and business development experts, particularly in new media and the Internet of Things.

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