Olds College Smart Farm

Advancing Canada's Ag Industry

In the summer of 2018, Olds College launched the Olds College Smart Farm: a cutting-edge learning environment that has grown to include 3,600 acres of farmland, infrastructure, and staff who are experienced in ag tech research and development. It provides the agriculture sector a venue for commercial scale applied research, attracting investment and engagement from companies ranging from multi-national ag and tech companies to SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

The philosophy and principles guiding the development and operation of the Olds College Smart Farm are centered around engaging producers and industry on addressing real-world problems by utilizing and integrating technology and data. The Smart Farm is also focused on teaching students how to integrate, manage and leverage ag technology for the enhancement and sustainability of agri-food production. In the end, Olds College believes that their focus on ag technology and the problems to be solved will serve as a catalyst for new thinking and leadership that inspires cross-industry solutions, innovation and strategic decision-making.

As one of world’s premiere leadership solutions and talent advisory firms, Boyden proudly partners with Olds College Centre of Innovation (OCCI) and Smart Farm as a Friend in accelerating the development and adoption of technologies and practices that result in improved productivity, profitability and sustainability of the agriculture and agri-food industry through industry-driven applied research.

As a Partner of Olds College Smart Farm, we are committed to excellence in leadership and proud to support Smart Farms’ mission.

Learn more about The Olds College Smart Farm: https://www.oldscollege.ca/olds-college-smart-farm/index.html

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