Our Commitment to EDI

Determination to challenge inequality galvanises our commitment to EDI at Boyden UK. Our goal is to alter the template for executive leadership such that the image of the C-suite executive is defined not by ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, socioeconomic, neurodiversity, or national origin, but purely by the ability to lead, inspire, and deliver results.

For the past 75 years we have been instrumental in the evolution of executive search, and as an industry leader, we set standards for others to follow. With this standing comes the responsibility to evolve our services to reflect changing values, blaze new trails, and dismantle old barriers.

We see ourselves as part of the solution, and we are proud to play an active role in creating change. This includes integrating a clear EDI approach into our recruitment and talent advisory processes, forming productive partnerships, and holding ourselves accountable in every search we undertake.

"The bottom line: management diversity is good for business. Challenging and taking action against the status quo is the only way forward - to disrupt ourselves; to acknowledge our role as advocates and active contributors towards progress.”

- Chad Hesters, President & CEO, Boyden

Our Pledge

We always strive to work towards achieving a world that is inclusive, diverse, tolerant and accepting.

We share a commitment to combat prejudice and discrimination within our own organisation, with candidates, and with our clients.

We challenge and work to open up narrow paths to leadership, making a real difference by focusing on action-oriented solutions.

We believe in the necessity of a culture of inclusivity in which everyone feels valued, has a sense of belonging, and is treated with equity.


Our Learning Journey

We provide training and insights on best practices in the hiring process to help our clients conduct inclusive searches. Our partners and associates receive training on DEI topics. We commit to transparency and working hard to lasting and meaningful change within our firm, our profession, and on behalf of our clients.

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