How We Do It

Boyden UK executive search maintains the successful, consistent style that is established across all Boyden offices -- over 70 offices in over 45 countries. Uniform processes developed with a global presence behind each local office make it easier for clients to do business with Boyden. The result is a valuable flexibility that helps us meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether global, regional or local, Boyden's standardised approach ensures we meet and exceed our clients’ goals.

Uniform Approach

All Boyden offices use a consistently successful approach to each assignment. Yet each office has the necessary latitude to work with their clients towards meeting their unique needs. Our three-phase process provides a flexible, yet simple format for achieving every client's objectives. The phases, in their simplest form, are:

Strategy Development

Working with our clients, we determine a strategy for finding the best candidate, including a clear understanding of the client's culture, the position's responsibilities and necessary qualifications.

Once we've developed a position profile, we refine our search strategy, including target sectors and companies.

Candidate Identification and Assessment

The next step is to develop an initial candidate list. We contact, meet and assess all potential candidates through telephone and in-person interviews. Qualified candidates then undergo a reference check. Our associates prepare a confidential candidate assessment report which is then presented to the client for their review. When the client chooses the preferred candidates, Boyden associates assist with their interviews.

Search Completion and Follow-up In the final stage of our process, we consult with our client to review top candidates and support the selection process. We assist our clients in structuring the compensation package and guide them through the employment offer. Even after the position is filled, we provide ongoing follow-up with both client and candidate to ensure satisfaction.
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