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An effective board is the bedrock of a high-performing organisation – and a major competitive advantage. Boyden provides comprehensive board evaluation and assessment, as well as CEO succession planning.

Boards face numerous challenges, from working within the twin timeframes of quarterly reporting and long-term growth to hands-on governance and compliance oversight. Apart from operational proficiency, the strongest boards have a strategic focus. They bring a balanced mix of perspectives to the table, yet share a clearly defined mission for the organisation, and more broadly, a roadmap for industry transformation.

Boyden works with boards to develop a shared vision and bring members and management into strategic alignment. Our approach is tailored to client needs, the global state of their industry and the opportunities it presents. Through a process of in-depth conversations with directors and senior managers as well as qualitative analysis, we prioritise objectives and recommend actions. These incorporate best practices and the latest thinking on board performance and collaboration.

A board can only deliver optimum value if it can operate effectively as a team. We examine the board’s composition, evaluating the strengths of its individual members, providing director search if needed, and assessing board dynamics.

Equally important are the board’s processes; therefore we help boards streamline and improve processes and procedures, resolve any issues that impede decision-making, and optimise the profile of the board to drive strategic change.

Boyden also assists boards with the crucial responsibility of CEO succession planning. Working with board and governance committee chairs, CEOs and CHROs, we have developed a comprehensive programme that leads with internal succession and also includes external candidates. By preparing clients to appoint an internal successor or review an external shortlist of pre-validated candidates, our approach ensures the leadership continuity and stock price stability that stakeholders, analysts and regulators expect.

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