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Hear from a collection of our global experts:

Jutta Menzenbach - Partner, Germany: "A crisis reveals visionary leaders. In complex and uncertain times, they are capable of perceiving opportunities that move the company and its employees forward. The (micro) manager, on the other hand, does not have this scope as they are controlled by anxiety, pressure, and distress."

William Farrell - Managing Partner, Taiwan and South Korea: "HR will need to step up its role in ensuring the right people are in the right place to face the new environment. Health and safety will be a clearer and upfront priority. Technology, already playing a crucial role in most companies, will be called upon to provide needed solutions. Protection and security of the supply chain and delivery of goods must be enhanced to secure a spot in the post-COVID-19 world."

Alicia Hasell - Managing Partner, U.S.: "The ability to pivot, in order to handle a "black swan" event, will be critical."

Tamer El Naggar - Managing Partner, Egypt: "Resilience and adaptability have already been sought-after qualities, attributed to recent economic challenges, and the universality of recent challenges will by default educate and groom the wider leadership talent pool. What will be unique is the technical skills in accelerating digitization and adopting more disruptive and agile business models, challenging the older ways of doing business - across all industries."

Lisa Kershaw - Managing Partner, Canada: "Technology will allow us to work from home, and work differently or more efficiently. But working remotely will come with an increasing need to focus on people. Keeping staff happy, engaged, mentally well, etc. requires new leadership techniques. New processes will be required to keep the workforce of the future connected."

Allan Marks - Managing Partner, Australia: "A shift towards executives who can manage in a downturn and restructure will be inevitable. Also, a shift to those executives who can develop crisis management strategies to deal with unforeseen risks. A further shift will be the development of local supply chains versus the domination of a global supply chain."

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